Carpets & Rugs


Choose from a wide variety of carpet & area rugs for your living room and bedroom available in various patterns.

Handmade, Contemporary, Persian, Organic, Art Deco, hand tufted, shaggy, hand knotted. Whatever style of rug you seek, you're certain to find in our diverse collection - find one for every room.

What are the benefits of carpets or rugs?

Adding carpets to your space for a variety of reasons. As an interior design element, they add softness, colour and texture to your decor and are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update a room with the latest on-trend looks. Rugs also help define and zone a space - which is a big plus in homes that are open plan – by providing a unifying base to ground furniture and give a room foundation. Rugs are also the perfect interior design choice if you’re renting, as they allow you to stamp your own style on a home.

Do carpets suit any type of flooring?

Absolutely. Rugs and carpets are incredibly versatile and look just as beautiful on a timber floor as they do on concrete or tiles. In fact, rugs are a great way to keep your floors looking as good as new by protecting them from damage such as scratches. They also help to absorb and reduce noises such as the sound and vibration of footsteps, which is ideal if you’re in a two-storey home or a unit.

What sort of carpets should I choose?

Ultraview interiors has a quality collection of carpets for your home, from traditional to contemporary, in classic neutrals or bold colours. Before deciding which style rug is right for you, there a few lifestyle factors you should consider.

Think about who will be living in the space, how robust do the areas need to be to withstand foot traffic and moving of furniture? Also, if your family suffers from allergies, you should look towards a non-shedding option. Wool rugs Wool rugs are beautiful, resilient and a luxuriously durable solution for bedrooms and living areas. Wool is a traditional carpet fibre that has good natural fire resistance, and is soil and stain resistant, making it an ideal choice if you have kids and pets. Polypropylene rugs Polypropylene rugs perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas. Stain resistant, moisture repellent and easy to maintain, they’re a good choice for busy homes.

What size rug should I buy?

Size is often the thing that rug buyers get wrong. A great rule of thumb is if it’s big enough to fill the room, it’s the right size. Tiny rugs look stingy while a big generous rug that sits under the sofa, chairs and occasional furniture feels luxurious. If in doubt, always go bigger – as long as it fits into your room.

Why should I buy my rugs or carpets from Ultraview interiors?

Ultraview interiors makes it easy for you to buy your rugs. Simply check with our designers, choose your colour and size and your new rug will be available to collect from our store. As part of your home remodel with Ultraview interiors, we can guide you to choose the best carpets for your home and its needs.