Cloth Curtains and Accessories


Curtains are a good and practical decorative finish to a room. They are sustainable too, insulating the house more effectively than blinds or shutters.

Cloth curtains are available as a custom made product. Standard, along with custom sizes can be made to order in Cloth fabrics of your choice.

Tailor made exactly to your specifications, our curtains make a wonderful addition to any room. Due to our extensive range of fabrics, colours and textures, you’ll be sure to find a set that adds the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Please note that while we welcome everyone to our showrooms, we produce made to order way as well. See About Us for more information and for availability please contact us.


Before going in for the stylish and peppy curtain accessories, you should first know what are you exactly looking for and what would suffice the need or necessity of the curtains and blinds in your home. If you have full-length curtains in your living room, you are going to need tiebacks which can allow maximum light in the room while holding back the curtains whenever you open them.

Tiebacks can also act as a beautifying accessory to your window curtains, giving them a wonderful finishing touch. Similarly, the other curtain accessories like brackets can be of excellent use to you to take care of the curtain poles. We have a huge collection of curtain accessories in all colours and with all themes.

Whether your curtains have an abstract design about them or whether they have more of a traditional look all over with heavy designs, you can get every kind of accessory you are looking for. In its large collection of curtain accessories, Ultra View Interiors has almost about everything from elegant cream coloured tiebacks to glossy brackets that can uplift the whole look of your room, matching your bedroom furniture perfectly.

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Need a little help? Take advantage of our in-house design consultation team service for your project.