Duette Blinds


Duette EnergySmart blinds help to reduce heat in summer and the cold in winter.

The special construction of Duette makes it the best insulating window blind available, because of its insulating air-filled structure, Duette Shades are a particularly appropriate choice for the loft, conservatory or glazed windows giving an effective barrier between the heat or cold of the day making them energy efficient for both summer and winter use.

The hexagonal structure of the fabric traps air passing through helping to maintain comfortable temperatures by reducing the heat in the warmer summer months and the chill in the coldest, winter months.

With a sleek, stylish and sophisticated appeal they’ll also help you to keep as much as 46% extra warmth in your home. This will create a cosy and comfortable environment for you to relax in and means you won’t have to keep turning up the thermostat to keep warm. Lock more heat in your home with Duette® energy saving blinds.

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