PVC Blinds


PVC Blinds are easy to operate and easy to keep clean. Available in several colours, all have the style and benefits of fabric but are also extremely durable and cost effective.

PVC Vertical Blinds combine everything you desire for your window covering needs, that your traditional Fabric Vertical Blinds do not have, like easy cleaning, being hygienic, no weights and chains at the bottom of the louvre's and very modern looking in any home or office

These PVC Blinds are one of our most popular and practical window blind covering solutions, offering superior light control and outstanding sleek and modern design. The solid PVC vertical rigid slats are very easy to keep clean and because they are a solid curved design there is no need for weights or chains along the bottom making them child and animal friendly. When tilted, they give superior privacy and subtle light filtering and reflecting.

The Rigid PVC slats are as durable and robust as they come. This is particularly important if they are to be used next to a walkway or as a room divider. You can get more details about the PVC blinds by contacting us now.

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