Venetian Blinds


Venetian blinds create an optimal lighting atmosphere at any time of day and allow perfect daylight utilisation.

The individually adjustable slat angle ensures that rooms receive just the right amount of daylight while protecting against prying eyes. With our external venetian blinds, we are therefore able to provide flexible daylight utilisation for both maximum energy efficiency and a truly comfortable setting.

The standard model of the external venetian blind with 80 mm beaded slats is the most popular external venetian blind on the market. Still, even a proven product should continue to be refined in the quest for perfection.

Venetian blind window systems can be perfectly integrated into exterior insulation and finish systems or existing shafts. Integration of the system into the facade is easy to plan and requires only a minimum of installation work.

The plastered models are seamlessly built into the facade. And thanks to a large selection of colours, the external venetian blind can also be used as a visible system to create colour accents on the facade.

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