Vertical Blinds


Window blinds that are ideal for wide window expanses and sliding-glass doors.

Straight up, vertical window blinds are the gold standard for covering sliding glass and patio doors. Are verticals still in style? Definitely. No longer limited to your grandmother’s garden variety apartment-style window coverings, today’s modern vertical window treatments come in a wide selection of high-quality textured fabrics, faux woods, designer colors and widths for maximum design impact and light control.

Whether made from fabric, faux wood, or smooth or textured PVC, verticals from Select Blinds are a budget-friendly way to cover extra wide windows and sliding glass doors with the right style to match yours.

These protect your furniture by declining sun’s radiation and damaging expensive upholstery. Also, by preventing the sunlight, they are blocking the UV radiation from coming into home and office and help in securing your eye sight, your skin and other parts of your body. Fabric ranges like, Blackouts, Non-blackouts, Screens, Translucent & printed fabrics series. Depending upon the light control factor one can chose from the variety offered by us. Vertical blinds have the option like Centre split, Right side stacking of left side stacking. Depending upon the view or liking, one conveniently chose the operation mode.

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